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Corporate Philosophy

As eSoft Philippines maintains quality standards of service and project management, this is carefully achieved through our established corporate philosophy and values for SUCCESS:

Our Philosophy: “People, Process, Performance.”
  • People
    • We hire only the best talent, aligned to ourcorporate philosophies and our client needs and values.
    • We develop and empower our professionalteam through our proven holistic training and balanced formation which focuses on 5 dimensions namely:
      • 1. Academic/Professional Formation
      • 2. Team Building/ Community Life Formation
      • 3. Spiritual Formation
      • 4. Psycho-emotional/Socio-Affective Formation
      • 5. Pastoral/Socio-Cultural Formation
  • Process
    • We follow a systematized process to complete our project.
    • Our Project Management tactic is anchored on the traditional approach which highlights five developmental components namely: Initiation, Planning and design, Execution, Monitoring and Control, and Project Completion.
  • Performance
    • We manage performance through coaching and mentoring with a focus on operational effectiveness.
    • We review all outcomes and evaluate for better efficiency through continuous improvement.
  • Our Core Values
    We foster respect to high standards of professionalism and performance. We strive to improve ourselves and our teams, and strive to better the quality of our valued services. We seek customer feedback to maintain standards and correct avenues for effectiveness and growth. We create customer friendly procedures and always respect quality and excellence.
    We commit to provide reliable services to our customers by: proactively understanding their requirements, continually enhance employee skills, communicate our goals and objectives to every employee, measure and maintain the effectiveness of the Quality Management Systems.
    Creativity & Innovation
    We constantly explore "out of the box" ideas and ways of doing things.
    We value the confidentiality and privacy of each document we handle and receive from our client(s).
    We believe in being honest, reliable and ethical to all the projects we execute and to everyone we interact with.

Director’s Message

I am pleased to welcome you as we launch our website for eSoft DataSolutions, Philippines. This website is meant to provide a soft glimpse of our company...

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