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    • HIPAA Compliant
    • Competitive pricing. Save up to 30 to 50%
    • Multi-level Quality Assurance and Audit Trail
    • Customized services and turnaround times
    • Dedicated workforce
  • eSoftData Solutions help deliver convenience and innovation while enhancing clients experiences and optimizing global operations.

  • eSoft fosters respect to high standards of professionalism and performance. We strive to improve ourselves and our teams, and strive to better the quality of our valued services.

  • eSoft commits to provide reliable services to our customers by: proactively understanding their requirements, continually enhance employee skills, communicate our goals and objectives to every employee, measure and maintain the effectiveness of the Quality Management Systems.

  • eSoft Philippines goes beyond the realm of the ordinary and traditional concepts. We constantly explore "out of the box" ideas and ways of doing things. We fuse ideas and productive outputs.

  • eSoft values the confidentiality and privacy of each document we handle and receive from our client(s). Our consistentcompliance and strict adherence to Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act exceed client expectations and provide consistent security and privacy to all documents which we handle.

  • We believe in being honest, reliable and ethical to all the projects we execute and to everyone we interact with.

I eSoft Philippines offers medical records review services. Specifically, eSoft provides support on the documentation side to attorneys, case and chart review firms, independent medical examiners, insurance companies, medical-legal consultants, physicians, and private corporations.

About eSoft Philippines - Healthcare DataSolutions

eSoft Healthcare DataSolutions is a business process outsourcing company in the Philippines providing excellent and quality medical records review  support services to medical-legal consultants, physicians....

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Corporate Philosophy

As eSoft Philippines maintains quality standards of service and project management, this is carefully achieved through our established corporate philosophy and values...

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